Be Careful!



I am Nicolas, a designer originally from Tienen, now residing in Leuven. Having been immersed in various technical fields during my upbringing, I swiftly mastered diverse crafts. Upon completing my studies as an interior designer at Luca School of Arts in Brussels, I honed my previously acquired technical skills in a creative manner. Presently, my artworks serve as an indirect response to the frustrations I encountered during my youth in technical disciplines.


My works serve as a response and interrogation of the importance of functionality and normalized standards within contemporary society. Functionality often takes precedence, leading to a neglect of emotional value and respectful treatment. Consequently, objects may lose their character and be perceived solely as utilitarian, devoid of soul or personality. This can result in a lack of connection between the user and the object, leading to a deficiency in appreciation, care, and respect. In response, I impose a limit on functionality by integrating fragility. My pieces are only as usable as I allow them to be, with an emphasis on restoring emotional value and promoting a renewed and respectful interaction with the piece.

I believe my work fits perfectly within this theme. It's a response to a societal issue where functionality often dominates, resulting in a loss of emotional connection between an object and its user. At first glance, my pieces resemble furniture that is difficult to compare to anything else. It's only upon closer inspection that questions arise about the functionality of the works and their potential value. "The Glint" aligns perfectly with this, as it emphasizes those fleeting moments of reflection and questioning that are central to my work. The focus is on restoring emotional value and creating a new and respectful interaction with the piece.

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