Composition on the wall 
Another Haggadah



Born in 1994, I am a Brussels-based multidisciplinary artist. I was educated in Switzerland, Israel, and Belgium and exhibited my work in a few small-scale venues. As an emerging artist, I seek to establish my professional network in Brussels, a city I call home. With training in visual arts and a solid social and political perspective, I use diverse methodologies to navigate the intimate, political, and philosophical realms surrounding me. Through artistic research, I gather images, ideas, and words, weaving them into artworks that illuminate my perspective and those of my subjects. Exploring the uncanny quality of domestic and public spaces, I delve into power dynamics, blend banality with voyeurism, and heightened performativity with a documentary essence


A. "Composition on the wall", etching print on paper, 50X70 cm. In these strange, haunted family portraits, I rebuild moments. The faded family images capture the stories we tell repeatedly, which became a cornerstone of our family's identity. With my artistic interventions, I wanted to change their impact and question their form. It began with a simple process of turning family photos into paintings. These images blend into a single print with the Etching technique, where many interpretations are mixed. Each layer was etched to a cupboard plate, leaving its unique mark on the metal. The new portraits have four layers, each making different depths into the metal. As memories rested in the soul's world, the impression and its impact grew more profound into the "tabula rasa" of the cupboard. I took the tones apart and put them together while mixing the "right" order and playing with shades of gray, white, and shadows. Thus, a layered portrait of a family emerges, defying the hierarchy between "what really happened" and what we remember happened. 

B. "Another Haggadah", artist book, 15X10 cm, 58 pages Another Haggadah book : To renegotiate my heritage, I worked on my version of the Haggadah, "Another Haggadah." In the Jewish tradition, a Haggadah is a short booklet we read every year in April as a part of the Passover holiday. I explored the written mythologies of my family, which I studied as an artist in residence at the Gemeenschapscentrum Nekkesrdal (2023, Laaken, BE). There, I began working with the journal my grandmother wrote between 1982 and 1984, until her passing. She talks about her desire to write, aging, her childhood in Eastern Europe, and more. I translated and interlaced her words into the book, blending eras and realities. Playing with textual forms (scripts, journals, catalogs), I used the structure of the Haggadah to examine my history. As the book evolved, it became clear that translation is a methodology. It now carries translations of conversations with my parents, my grandmother's journal, fragments from a catalog of an auction house selling Jewish memory items, and remnants of the original Haggadah. I combined scanned images of engravings.

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