The Path / Het Pad



Before studying at LUCA drama art school, Christine got her master in Archaeology (at the University of Leuven) and Egyptian Archaeology (at the Dutch/Flemish institute in Cairo). She graduated from LUCA drama with a self-written monologue ‘SUITCASECHILD’. A fearless though subtle piece for children from 10 years on, about how to search for your own place in the world (premiered at STUK, Leuven). After this play, she created REST, (also at STUK, Leuven) an individual performance for an adult audience about the personal relationship with grief, sorrow and death. Christine switches between television, film and theatre. Playing and creating. For young audiences or performances for adult audiences. In her creations, she looks for ways to connect and talk about the dark sides of life without judging. Humor, tenderness, rawness and physicality are import elements. She was a resident at the Jan van Eyck Academie at Maastricht where she developed the individual performance 'Sometimes it Snows in Egypt' about what trust means between two strangers. Under the name ‘Let’s do this productions’ she made three art shorts movies about Context, Value and Content in the visual arts. To create experiences who radiates in your heart and head rather than to make fixed pieces of art is her goal.


‘If you never had the space to say NO, did you ever feel you had permission to truly say Yes and follow your own Path? A documentary from actress and visual artist Christine Verheyden who invited artist Duraid Abbas Ghaieb to go out and see if it is possible to take other paths in this life. Daniel J. Granados took care of the images.

I know, everything I create is sometimes too poetic and that I should stop censoring myself. The lose off poetry, the fear of not be poetic, the fear of being too poetic…. I love poetical and physical things. Raw, though always filled with love and inner strength, shining brightly through it. My visual art performances are situated in the energy field between archaeology and acting. Before making the film, these where the elements: I knew I wanted to go out in the city, with a bag of wooden planks, with Duraid to be my partner and director Daniel J. Granados to film us. Duraid and I would take analogue photos of each other along the way. ‘Sometimes paths are so lonely, you want to create a new path together and sometimes you have to walk it a long time alone before it comes together. For me the wooden planks are such a simple metaphor to try, try new paths and find new ways in life. Not necessarily saving the whole world, but just maybe to find out a question, where am I on my path in life? Dreaming of trying to make new ways to search for new paths in life. The only thing I needed in that dream was a bag of wooden planks trying to make something new, to do something with it. Not knowing if it led to somewhere or if it is just something that will never change but making decisions and never lose hope’. ‘I hoped that my bag filled with wooden planks makes a change in the landscape, makes a change in my mind. just laughing crying just trying trying to do it slow, with a lot of anger and kindness or with a lot of movement… I disappear on the path - I make a path together A path sometimes just begins and I don’t know where it ends Did I make it? Or was it there? I wonder I dream about it And I take action’ ‘If you never had the space to say No, did you ever feel you had permission to truly say Yes and follow your own Path?

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