[Salon] Nell Watson: Governing Agentic AI

  • 22/05/2024
  • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
  • Full Circle House, 89 Ch. de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles
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Governing Agentic AI

 Salon with NELL WATSON

 Ideas  / Wed 22nd May 6.30 - 8.30pm

for Full Circle Members & their guests or by invitation

Effective policy for the next generation of advanced AI models

The emergence of agentic AI systems marks a significant leap towards unprecedented levels of autonomy and capability within AI technology. These systems, capable of making plans and executing upon them, promise to redefine the boundaries of AI’s role in our world. However, this new frontier also brings to light serious safety and security concerns that demand thoughtful policy interventions.

Nell Watson tackles the challenges of agentic AI models head-on. In her new book Taming the Machine, she delves into the principles and human elements of this new breed of AI, uncovering how it will redefine business and society, including vital topics such as bias, privacy and transparency – and more importantly, how the enormous risks associated with these issues can be mitigated through carefully designed policy.

This will be followed by a preview showcase of Nell and her Working Group's world-first policy and standardisation processes for Agentic AI System Safety, in partnership with Prof. Dr. Ali Hessami, VC & Process Architect, IEEE Ethics Certification Programme.

Join us for the release of Taming the Machine and an insightful presentation by Nell that will give you the confidence you need to harness AI in a responsible and ethical way.



Eleanor “Nell” Watson is a trailblazer in emerging technologies. She dedicates her work to protecting human rights and infusing ethics, safety, and values that elevate the human spirit into technologies like artificial intelligence. Nell is an IEEE Ethics Maestro, the President of the European Responsible Artificial Intelligence Office (EURAIO), an Executive Consultant on philosophical matters for Apple, and holds fellowships with the British Computing Society and Royal Statistical Society, among others, and is listed as an Icon by the Royal Academy of Engineering. Her public speaking clients include the World Bank, the UN General Assembly, and the Royal Society.


Taming the Machine: Ethically harness the power of AI (May 2024), available for purchase at the event.


Nell Watson website

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