[Catalyst Talk] Gaia Vince: How climate migration will reshape our world

  • 02/12/2023
  • 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM
  • Full Circle House, 89 Ch. de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles


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How climate migration will reshape our world

A talk with Gaia Vince

Catalyst  Ideas Festival  / Sat 2nd Dec / 5-6pm

Climate change is already changing our habitats, and people from the Global South are the first affected. This is already causing migration movements, and it will only increase with time. How we manage the biggest case of mass migration we'll ever have to face is down to us.

Science writer Gaia Vince has thought this through - how supporting radical migration from newly uninhabitable regions, rethinking urban structures and food practices, and restoring climate is the way forward.

Change is inevitable, so Gaia argues that the best solution is to use this opportunity to turn things around and make our world inhabitable again. 



Gaia Vince is a science writer and broadcaster exploring the interplay between human systems and the planetary environment. She is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow at the Anthropocene Institute at UCL and a regular host of BBC Inside Science. Her first book, Adventures In The Anthropocene won the Royal Society Science Book of the Year Prize. Her latest book, Nomad Century: How To Survive The Climate Upheaval, explores global migration and planetary restoration in a radical call to arms.


Nomad Century (2022), Transcendence (2020), Adventures in the Anthropocene (2015).



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