May 26

TeenClub’s Top Climate Reads

Our pick of the best in print and online

Following our discussions about the worrying effects of our modern lifestyles on the planet, we put together a list of the best actions we can all carry out to help stall climate change. For those that want to know more, we’ve collected some of the best reading materials on the subject, bringing together science, politics and literature to refresh your understanding of our current situation.


Discover an inspiring exploration of the positive consequences of a greener economy in Alissa Walker’s piece for Curbed: Paris to Pittsburgh documentary shows what dramatic climate action might look like

Tracey Lindeman describes the exciting potential of energy-positive buildings which produce more energy than they use inĀ The Atlantic: Norway is Entering a New Era of Climate-Conscious Architecture

Tired of consumerism and the pressure to buy new things all the time? Get inspired by a Belgian family recounting their experience of buying nothing new in 2019 with their blogĀ Rien de Neuf en 2019

In Print:

We Do Things Differently, Mark Stevenson. Full Circle Fellow Mark Stevenson talks about some of the inspiring innovations carried out by original thinkers trying to solve some of today’s biggest problems.

Wilding, Isabella Tree. Learn about a remarkable project in rural England that is attempting to return their former farmland to a true wilderness. It will change the way you see the natural world around you for good.

Turning the Tide on Plastic, Lucy Seigle. A call to arms to change the way we think about and use disposable plastics everyday. This is a helpful reminder of the difference each of us can make in order to prevent the worst effects of pollution.

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