#5,  30 April 2020     

This week in the Full Circular, it’s a goodbye to concert halls, as we explore the unexpected places music can emerge in different circumstances. It’s true that often these landmarks of architecture contribute as much to the musical experience as the concert itself, but in their absence, innovative and memorable experiences can emerge.

From Daria van den Bercken performing on the back of a car in Amsterdam, to Full Circle members recording opera from the comfort of their homes, we look at how responding to different constraints can produce something memorable. 

Julian Baggini & Zuzana Kasanova
Philosophy in times of crisis

If you missed this week’s e-Salon with Julian Baggini and Zuzana Kasanova, make sure you check out the video here – it’s a great insight into ways of coping with these strange times! 

Watch here

Daria van den Bercken 

In search of a sound

Classical pianist Daria van den Bercken combines creative insights and live performance in this week’s Full Circle podcast as she looks back on some of her more unconventional performances, and her desire to reach a wider audience with her music. 

Listen here

Members share...

Sarah Ehrlich

Full Circle members Sarah Ehrlich and Ivan Ludlow were involved in a moving musical recording of Howard Moody’s opera PUSH, released on the 77th anniversary of Convoi XX. Read more here, or watch here. 

Read it here

Lizzie's tips

Upgrade your homecooked pasta

Whether we’re making it ourselves or using up the last packet from the back of the cupboard to defer the next food shop by another day, pasta seems to be featuring heavily in everyone’s lockdown dinners. Here are Lizzie’s tips to take your homecooked pasta to the next level. 

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