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ACTION: Meals 4 Healthcare

10/11/2020 - 30/06/2021
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Healthcare workers are on the frontline of the COVID-19 battle. They have worked tirelessly throughout the first wave, and are now back on the frontline as we enter the second wave of the pandemic.

To support and thank them for their dedication, our ‘Meals 4 healthcare ‘ campaign is continuing to deliver meals to several hospitals in Brussels. We are launching a new round of food delivery, providing hundreds of meals for staff to eat in or take home, across 4 four hospitals in Brussels. Please help by making a donation.


Make a bank transfer :

Account name:  Meals4healthcare (Full Circle asbl)
IBAN/Account number:   BE86 7350 5644 0850
Reference:  (Your organisation or  your name)

or donate by credit card online here.


  • Participating hospitals:  Ixelles, Moliere, Bracops, & Hopital Brugman, & St Pierre.
  • All funds raised will be used to pay for the meals for healthcare workers, through participating hospitals and institutions listed above.
  • Any remaining funds at the end of the campaign will be donated to local associations providing food to the homeless and refugees in Brussels.
  • For more information about this action, please contact:

    More about the campaign 

At the start of the pandemic in March 2020, one our members and European Commission official, Sibylle, suggested raising funds to deliver food to hospital workers – and purchasing meals from local restaurants under threat of closure.

We were delighted to collaborate, to support her in the fundraising and help with the organisation. Sibylle convinced other colleagues at the European Commission to help promote the campaign, and we put out the word through our network of members and wider audience. The Bulletin also helped with visibility.

At the start of the campaign, we collaborated with Uber Eats who provided meal vouchers to hospital workers at the St. Pierre hospital. We also provided these vouchers to Red Cross volunteers. Uber Eats also made a contribution from their own budgets to offer vouchers for a few weeks.

We delivered meals to other hospitals, prepared and delivered by a number of restaurants and traiteur.

At St Luc hospital, we continued an initiative of a group of European School parents with a local Italian restaurant, supplying meals from La Trinacria, Scotty’s NZ Pies, Beautifood, and Chez Fleur.

At the Moliere hospital, it was mainly Scotty’s NZ Pies, Beautifood, Pavillion, and Le Pain de Chatelain who provided meals for the staff.

During the first wave, thanks to all the donations, where almost 90% came from staff of the European Commission, we were able to provide more than 1200 food vouchers and an additional 1300 meals.

Now we would like to deliver meals three times per week, for staff to eat at hospital or at home. We are pleased to announce we are working with renowned zero-waste chef Elliot Van de Velde and his asbl The Hearth Project, (which also had an initiative to supply hospital staff with meals during the first wave) for this coming phase of the project.

Many thanks to all who have donated, and stay safe!