[Ideas] Deep Thought Series: Whose job is it to save the world?

  • 20/04/2024
  • 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
  • Full Circle House, 89 Ch. de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles
  • 15


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Whose job is it to save the world?
with Andreea Petre-Goncalves

Conversations / Sat 20th Apr / 5.00-7:00 pm

In bygone eras of gods and kings and moral certainties, it was perhaps clearer where folk could look for salvation. Divine will was thought to be manifest in material privilege, and servitude to that needed not be questioned. How much of this worldview lies dormant in us today, as we stand on the brink of a multi-faceted apocalypse? 

The top income decile in our societies, responsible for 3 to 5 times the national average carbon emissions in any country, valiantly pursue self-interest while the world burns.. Civil society toddles along on life-support from systems of gift and patronage, beholden to crumbs fallen off the table of philanthropy. Volunteering fills in the gaps in public service provision, simultaneously symbolic of our best altruistic and communitarian instincts, and of our failure to shape our systems so that they serve our most basic human needs.

If we were to act in our collective best interest right now, what would that look like? What would matter most? How would we re-organise society so that it delivers on our greatest needs?

Come along so we can replenish our collective hope reserves­ – and move forward with humanity and purpose.

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Andreea was 8 years old when totalitarian Communism collapsed overnight in her native Romania. She saw then how quickly yesterday’s absolute truth can become tomorrow reviled atrocity. She knows that societal narratives can shift fast, and when they do, they make deep system re-set possible.

For two decades she worked for international development, human rights, health and sustainability in the EU institutions and international NGOs. In 2019 she set up Flare, a Brussels-based think-and-do tank that experiments with practical ways of shifting the collective ideas we hold of what is normal and desirable. This work builds on 15 years of her researching and writing about societal narrative shifts. She is a BMW Foundation Responsible Leader and a member of Global Diplomacy Lab.

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