#6, 15 May 2020     

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This week the Académie Française drew widespread attention for their decree that, contrary to popular usage, Covid-19 is a feminine, not a masculine noun. For many, the idea of a body of intellectuals governing the correct usage of a language seems alien, especially when it is precisely the lack of uniformity that can give language its richness. This week, we look back to David Crystal’s entertaining and enlightening account of how the different Englishes as they are spoken across the world create the potential for hilarity and cultural exchange.

We then travel to Indonesia alongside Elizabeth Pisani for her insights on the persistence of corruption among those in power, while closer to home, we share the highlights from our latest member event on How to Write a Film Score. 

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David Crystal

The Future of Englishes

Professor of linguistics David Crystal offers entertaining insights into the diverse – and sometimes hilarious – implications of the complexities and development of Englishes across the world.

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Elizabeth Pisani  

On Corruption

Internationally recognised epidemiologist Elizabeth Pisani on the anatomy of power and corruption, and why attempts to fight corruption so often end in failure. 

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Members share...

Nigel Clarke

Last thursday night‘s Full Circle audience was treated to an extraordinarily insightful talk by member Nigel Clarke, on how to write a film score. After learning the mechanics of film scoring – when the composer gets to see the film and start composing, whether they end up with a low budget ensemble or a world class symphony orchestra and where they get their inspiration, he explained the specific role of music in films; providing the audience with cues about what to think and feel and expect in relation to what they are seeing and proved it with a series of extraordinary film clips. He says composing music for films is a craft not an art, though on occasions it rises to the status of art. Watch the talk and see if you agree. 

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eConcert: Brussels Muzieque performs Gliere
Wed 20 May 8-9.30pm CET 

eSalon: The Coronavirus slump: Prosperity, rentier capitalism and its alternatives, with Guy Standing
Mon 25 May 7-8.30pm CET

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