If you missed our members’ bar last week we thought we’d share some of the brilliant book recommendations that came up in conversation. We asked people to come with books they’d like to give to someone else, books they’d like re-read and books they’d like to read. As you’d expect we got a really eclectic list which we’re sharing below – we also asked people to tell us which books will they be taking to the charity shop when they reopen but we won’t waste your valuable time by sharing those! 

BOOK YOU’D LIKE TO GIVE TO SOMEONE – a mix of activist classics and those that will surely become activist classics:  

  • Silent Spring by Rachel Carson
  • Bury the Chains by Adam Hochschild
  • Utopia for Realists by Rutger Bregman
  • Sex & WarHow Biology Explains Warfare and Terrorism and Offers a Path to a Safer World
  • by Malcolm Potts and Thomas Hayden


  • Beyond the Frontier by  E P Thompson
  • Scissors Cut Paper Wrap Stone by Ian McDonald
  • Lady sings the blues  - Billie Holiday and William Dufty
  • Vultures Picnic - Greg Palast 

BOOK YOU WANT TO READ (before confinement ends and the moment is lost forever).

It seems we wish we read more fiction!

  • Julian - Gore vidal
  • Factfulness - Hans Rosling
  • Inherent Vice - Thomas Pynchon 
  • Snowcrash - Neal Stephenson

Please add to our list – email your recommendations to us at members@fullcircle.eu