Do you have spare funds, doing not very much for you, in an account somewhere? You could put it to good use, with Full Circle

We seek finance to bridge the current COVID period, while we are closed.

We expect this to be a patchwork of pre-paid purchases (membership fees, event bookings etc.), donations, loans, and of course whatever new forms of revenue we can generate.

Why invest?
We've been around since 2013, and have a track record of delivering a reliable, high quality product.

Our proposition is unique in Brussels. We have a growing membership and an expanding proposition. Our club has grown from an itinerant 'ideas club' creating monthly events, to a full blown members club with 5-story physical club house, offering a complete range of services to our members and other professionals: social, cultural and professional events, food and drink, venue hire and more.

How to invest?
We can either draft our own agreement, where we mutually agree the loan amount, repayment period and interest rate, or we can enter into a loan governed by the rules of the Brussels Region "Prêt-Proxi" scheme

When our revenue re-commences - as soon as we can open - we'll be in a position to start some of the loan repayments. 
Our repayment plan may differ from one loan agreement to another. It's up to you to tell us what you need.

We'd like to hear from you. Let's talk.

Mutually defined loan  "Prêt-Proxi" defined loan

The details of each loan will be defined
and agreed mutually between you and us.

Together we will determine the amount, repayment period and rate of return, all formalised by written agreement. 

We are looking for loans with a minimum repayment period of 12 months. 

 A "Pret-Proxi" loan is governed by guidelines issued by 

The "Prêt-Proxi" scheme requires:

  •  a minimum loan period of 5 years
  •  interest rate fixed between 0.875% - 1.75% 

The "Prêt-Proxi" scheme offers:

  • Tax reduction for Belgian taxpayers
  • Guarantees from the Brussels Guarantee Fund. 

More info:

Have a conversation with us.

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