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    • 22/05/2022
    • 6:30 PM - 7:45 PM
    • Full Circle House – Chaussée de Vleurgat 89, Ixelles 1050

    Re-Orient Duo meets XTREME ENSEMBLE

    Giusy Caruso (Piano) & Fancesco Magarò (percussion)
    Erica Bisesi (piano), 
    Nicola Baroni (cello)
    Special guest Yati Durant (composer & electronics) 

    Music / Sun 22 May / 6.30PM

    A truly original project of contemporary music influenced by and combined with Indian traditions and improvisation. Giusy Caruso is a concert pianist and a post-doc artist-researcher at the Antwerp Conservatory. She'll perform her RE-ORIENT PROJECT in duo with Francesco Magarò (percussions). The two performers will be then joined by the XTREME ENSEMBLE: the pianist Erica Bisesithe cellist Nicola Baroni and the electronic music composer Yati Durant. Come along and explore something quite different.

    This concert brings on stage an encounter between two ensemble musically and ideally located in two opposite sides: at the East and at the very South. 

    The Re-Orient Duo project, created by Giusy Caruso (piano) and Francesco Magarò, (percussion), presents a fusion between original improvisations on ragas and talas and a selection of the 72 Études for piano by the French composer Jacques Charpentier (1933-2017), based on the carnatic modes from South India. 

    The XTREME ensemble, composed by Erica Bisesi (piano) and Nicola Baroni (cello) will take the audience on an audio-visual voyage around the Antarctica with original pieces by Massimiliano Messieri, Mauricio Dottori, Marco Giommoni and  Marcela Pavia.

    The world premiere Saundaryalahari written by the composer Yati Durant for the unique encounter of these two ensembles, will create audio-visual interactions, stimulating a reorientation of significance, in which musicians and audiences all lose track of the North Star.

      • 01/06/2022
      • 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM
      • Full Circle House, 89 Ch. de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles


      Dare to be a vulnerable leader

      Wed 01 June / PROFESSIONAL  6:30 - 8PM

      Let’s face it - most of us work in professional environments where emotions, sensitivity and vulnerability are seen with suspicion, where emotional intelligence and building alliances are called "soft skills".
      If you really want to 'make it' in your career, you have to be a tough, rational and competitive leader: the idea of a minority of alpha leaders has shaped what we perceive as "normal". Most men and women feel under pressure to blend in and conform to these unwritten rules of success in order to be respected and rise in their careers. The consequence: most hold back their natural talents and unique perspectives - and get exhausted and frustrated.

      In her Leadership Taboo Talk, Helene Banner will argue that a "strong leader" actually needs to be humble, kind and vulnerable,  and that this different idea of leadership and courage will give more power to both men and women in their careers. Helene will show how we can get there and why having more diverse leaders is no longer a politically correct move or a 'women‘s issue', but a hardcore business case for more balanced decisions, better mental health, more ideas and, in the end, sustainable political and economic success for both men and women.



      Helene is a speaker, workshop host and mentor who founded “Let’s Just Be Imperfect, Ladies” after her 10-year career as a senior communication advisor at the European Commission in Brussels and Berlin. In 2019, she was the German speechwriter of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and advised Ursula von der Leyen in the weeks when she became the first female President of the European Commission. 

      With this experience of being a young woman in senior positions, Helene now supports women and men working in alpha-dominated work environments to find their confidence in their authentic leadership style and their own definition of success. As a speaker, she brings male and female leaders together for a more open, transparent and diverse work culture in their organisations. Helene is also a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.

        • 03/06/2022
        • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
        • Online & Full Circle House


        A hybrid salon with Paul Bloom

        Fri 3 Jun / Ideas / 6:30 - 8:30PM

        Can we live a good life without suffering? With sharp insights, renowned psychologist Paul Bloom captures the strangeness of being human and makes a captivating case that pain and suffering are essential to both pleasure and meaning in our lives. The conventional image of humans as purely pleasure-seeking and pain-avoiding isn’t so much wrong as incomplete, he claims. Join the debate as Bloom challenges us to rethink our vision of a good life.



        Paul Bloom is a Canadian American psychologist. He is Professor of Psychology at the University of Toronto and the Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor Emeritus of psychology and cognitive science at Yale University. He explores some of the most puzzling aspects of human nature and his research is centres focused on how children and adults understand the physical and social world, with special focus on languagemoralityreligion, pleasure, fiction, and artBloom is the recipient of multiple awards and honours, including most recently the million-dollar Klaus J. Jacobs Research Prize. He has published over a hundred scientific articles and his popular writing has appeared in The New York TimesThe New YorkerThe Atlantic MonthlySlateNatural History, and many other publications.

        GOOD READS

        The Sweet Spot: The Pleasure of Suffering and the Search for Meaning (2021), Against Empathy. The case for rational compassion (2016), How Pleasure Works: The new science of why we like what we like (2010), Descartes’ Baby: How the science of child development explains what makes us human (2004).

          • 05/06/2022
          • 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
          • Full Circle House, 89 Ch. de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles


          Sun 5th June / Social  / 4-7pm

          Put on your dancing shoes and get ready to move.

          Our in-house DJ's and our signature cocktails (and mocktails) will help you get all the stress of the recent past out of your system. 

          Bring your friends, or come alone.

          Booking required. 

          • 09/06/2022
          • 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
          • Full Circle House, 89 Ch. de Vleurgat, 1050 Ixelles


          An evening with Peter Sheppard Skaerved

          Thurs 9 Jun / Music / 6.30PM

          Playing two unique historic instruments by the ‘father of the violin’, Andrea Amati and his son, Girolamo, Peter presents a salon evening of music and words from the violin’s history. The extraordinary works range from colour pieces by the Lübeck-born Thomas Baltzar, to deeply moving pieces from the 1685 ‘Klagenfurt Manuscript’, most likely written by a nun in a convent in modern-day Slovenia.

          Alongside these, dazzling miniatures by some of the dozens of composers with whom Peter collaborates. During the 2020-21 lockdown composers from around the world sent him new works, to be premiered, recorded and filmed ‘at the desk’ at his home in London.

          On the menu:

          Violins by Andrea Amati (1572), Girolamo Amati (1629)

          Solo Works  1588-1710 by Marini, Baltzar, Bassano, Matteis, Biber, Torelli, Vilsmayr, de Machy and the Klagenfurt Manuscript

          Lockdown works dedicated to Peter Sheppard Skærved.



          Peter Sheppard Skaerved is a renowned violinist, chamber musician and researcher known for his pioneering approach to the music of the past and of our own time. He has released over 90 albums of solo and chamber music, performed as a soloist in over 30 countries and has had more than 400 works written for him by composers such as Judith Weir, Michael Finnissy and Hans Werner Henze. A prolific recording artist, both as a soloist and as leader of the Kreutzer Quartet, he is also the recipient of numerous awards and a former Grammy Award nominee. Peter is the only living violinist to have performed on the violins of Ole Bull, Joachim, Paganini and Viotti. He is also Viotti Lecturer at the Royal Academy of Music (UK) and was recently named Honorary Professor at the Royal Northern College of Music in recognition of his contribution to music research and the positive impact his work has had on the industry.

            • 09/06/2022
            • 7:30 PM - 9:00 PM
            • Full Circle House, Chaussée de Vleurgat 89, 1050 Brussels

            Full Circle Book Club

            Grand Hotel Europa

            Thur 9th Jun / Book Club  / 7:30pm

            Join our monthly gathering around a great read, along with drinks & good company

            “...his great European novel is a page-turner ” - De Tijd

            Our June pick is an addictive masterpiece on European identity, nostalgia and the end of an era. Finally translated into English, released in April 2022. Save the date and join the book club!

            "You should put Grand Hotel Europa by Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer on the shelf next to Europe books by Thomas Mann and Harry Mulisch. Rarely have we read a novel that ingeniously links a tragic but beautiful love story with serious, but never dull, often witty reflections on the phenomenon that is Europe. […] Grand Hotel Europa is a love letter to an old beloved, a dead-tired but stunning continent." - De Limburger

            Ilja Leonard Pfeijffer is an acclaimed Dutch poet and novelist, as well as polemicist and classical scholar. He moved permanently to Genoa, Italy, in 2008.

            * Everyone welcome
            * Our bar is open for drinks

            * Buy the book on Book Depository, BolFNAC, Waterstones Brussels.

            • 14/06/2022
            • 8:00 PM
            • Full Circle House – Chaussée de Vleurgat 89, Ixelles 1050

            Unorthodox Quartet 

            Brussels Muzieque

            Music / Tue 14th June / 8 PM

            Four musicians based in Brussels - all with Italian roots - will be presenting 
            a colorful program with an unorthodox instruments combination of winds and cello

            Matteo Del Monte and Antonio Capolupo - respectively solo flutist and solo clarinetist of the Opera La Monnaie, Gordon Fantini - solo bassoonist of the Belgian National Orchestra, and Eduardo Tonietto - cellist and artistic director of Brussels Muzieque, will be mixing the richness and variety of timbers of their instruments to recreate well-known and beloved pieces by Mozart, and Beethoven, transcribed for this unorthodox instrumentation.

            Special in the program will be the new transcription for the ensemble of Beethoven's first string quartet in F major and the well-known Divertimento in D major of Mozart, originally written for string quartet as well. You will have the unique chance of listening to this piece performed in a totally different instrumentation.

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            01/07/2020 POSTPONED NEW DATE TBC[Salon] Afropean with Johny Pitts
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            25/06/2020 [Chamber Music] Tchaikovsky: Souvenir d'un Lieu Cher (Hybrid event)
            25/06/2020 Full Circle HOUSE members bar TONIGHT
            11/06/2020 Full Circle Members' Bar
            28/05/2020 Full Circle VIRTUAL Members' Bar
            25/05/2020 [e-Salon] The Coronavirus Slump: Goodbye rentier capitalism, hello basic income with Guy Standing
            20/05/2020 [e-Concert] Brussels Muzieque platform performs Glière
            14/05/2020 [e-Masterclass] How to Write a Film Score with Nigel Clarke
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            06/03/2020 [Salon] The Light that Failed with Ivan Krastev
            13/02/2020 Chamber Music Session by Brussels Muzieque
            04/02/2020 [Salon] The Gendered Brain with Gina Rippon
            27/01/2020 [SOLD OUT] The Future of Sapiens with Yuval Harari
            24/01/2020 [Postponed] Classical Music in a Cosy Space with Daria van den Bercken
            07/12/2019 Belgian Design Christmas Market
            28/11/2019 [Salon] Where transparency meets ignorance with Linsey McGoey
            19/11/2019 [Debate] The Future of Work: with robots & basic income, will work become play?
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            03/10/2019 [Salon] Faith Systems & Identity Politics with Tarek Osman
            25/09/2019 Season 7 Launch
            25/06/2019 [In conversation] A Wasteless Revolution with Tristram Stuart & Sébastien Morvan
            18/06/2019 [Salon] Babel, a Language Tour of the World with Gaston Dorren
            04/06/2019 [Salon] The Economics of Happiness with Andrew Oswald
            20/05/2019 [Salon] In Therapy with Susie Orbach
            14/05/2019 [In conversation] Women Change the World with Helen Pankhurst & Zing Tsjeng
            07/05/2019 [Salon] How to Tell the Truth with Data with David Spiegelhalter
            02/04/2019 [Salon] Improvising Politics on the European Stage with Luuk van Middelaar
            28/03/2019 Triptych #3: Fast-forward Climate Migration
            14/03/2019 [Salon] Philosophy For Life with Jules Evans
            06/02/2019 [Salon] Welcome to the Reputation Age with Gloria Origgi
            25/01/2019 Triptych #2: Techno-migrant
            11/12/2018 [Dinner] Talking to North Korea with Glyn Ford
            07/12/2018 [Members Lunch] How To Get Happy with Hugh Dow
            04/12/2018 [Salon] Doughnut Economics with Kate Raworth
            27/11/2018 [Salon] Thinking the Unthinkable with Nik Gowing and Chris Langdon
            20/11/2018 Triptych #1: Open Borders and the Future of Migration
            08/11/2018 [Salon] How The World Thinks with Julian Baggini
            23/10/2018 [Salon] Against Creativity with Oli Mould
            20/09/2018 [Salon] Belgium, A Utopia For Our Times with Philippe Van Parijs

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