Full Circle is a members club


This way, we get to set our own agenda, and can be driven by input from our members. But more importantly, since we get to know each other, we can create useful follow up to, and positive outcomes from, all our exchanges.


The Full Circle crowd cuts across sectors, age, backgrounds and nationalities. Amongst us are senior EU and (Belgian) government decision makers,  business leaders, journalists, consultants, academics, artists, architects, therapists, diplomats, doctors, scientists… but also, we are housewives/-husbands, pensioners, parents and now even teenagers.

We are open minded, international,  and share a commitment to innovation, progress and generally being part of the solution.


Being a member of Full Circle means you share this open-mindedness, and commitment to progress – and want to help the spread of ideas, intelligent debate, and link to action.

You can attend our events, receive our news, participate in the conversation.

But also support our attempt to broaden the thinking and reflection around us.
(We will ask you for suggestions for speakers, ideas and activities – and may invite you for private meetings where we think you can help.)

We are NOT a lobby organisation, have NO vested interests, and NEVER give our members details to anyone.


Join Full Circle as an individual member, or through your organisation.

Pay what you can. If you can afford it, why not be a ‘sponsoring’ member to help us make Full Circle inclusive.

Individual Membership


Full Circle membership gives you:

  • access to all our events (big/small/public/private) at Members’ rate
  • bring up to 2 guests at the Members’ rate.
  • priority & express booking for events,
  • access to our network of amazing members
  • contact with our international network of fellows – the community of former speakers who want to stay in touch with us

 Membership Fees 2019-20

  • Individual Membership:    €150/year
  • Under 30:      €50/year

Concessions available for genuinely worthy causes.

Organisational membership is available. Contact us for more information.


Become a member

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