Apr 25


The rise of populism

5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Donald Trump shook the world when he was elected President of the United States. But how did he do it? Politics and linguistics expert Ruth Wodak will be looking at the persona of ‘authentic simple man’ that Trump created to win over American voters. Ruth will be showing how Trump is in fact an entertainer who carefully crafts both what he says and the way he speaks to please his audience.

Come and listen to how right-wing politicians use personality to distort the truth. By looking at the speeches of politicians in both Europe and America, Ruth suggests ways we can fight the far-right extremist parties that threaten the politics of today.

Join us at Muntpunt Library for this fascinating look into the mechanisms behind Trump’s success.

5:15 – 6:30 PM   FULL CIRCLE TeenTalk

Listen, chat and debate with Ruth Wodak and other teens at this Full Circle TeenTalk.

Language: Talk & discussion in English
Location: MuntpuntPlace de la Monnaie 6, 1000 Bruxelles
Registration is compulsory

Tickets: €5   BOOK HERE


RUTH WODAK is an Austrian linguist, Emeritus Distinguished Professor and Chair in Discourse Studies at Lancaster University, and Professor in Linguistics at the University of Vienna. Her research interests focus on discourse studies, identity politics, racism, antisemitism and other forms of discrimination, and on ethnographic methods of linguistic field work.

The Politics Of Fear, What right-wing populist discourses mean (2015),  Rightwing Populism in Europe: Politics and Discourse (2013), The Discourse Of Politics In Action: Politics as Usual (2011), Migration, Identity and Belonging (2011), The Politics of Exclusion: Debating Migration in Austria (2009).

Ruth Wodak at Lancaster University

Full Circle TeenTalks are an opportunity for young audiences (aged 14-18yrs) to interact – listen and talk – with inspiring and innovative thinkers and do-ers from around the world, on subjects relevant to you, in a relaxed context.