Philosopher Julian BagginiPhilosopher Julian Baggini
Oct 23


Truth, lies and alternative facts

5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

How do we know when someone is telling the truth? Whose judgement do we trust? Our parents? Friends? Teachers? Politicians? The internet?
And what happens if someone really believes something that isn’t true? Are they lying?

Philosopher Julian Baggini explores our ‘post-truth’ world of lies, deception, and ‘alternative facts’ by looking at the complex history of truth and falsehood. Discover with Julian the different types of supposed and real truths and where there is one type of truth that we can always rely on.

Truth has become much less plain and simple, but we haven’t stopped believing in it. Truth is something we all want and Julian will give us what we need to restore faith in the value and possibility of truth.

Join us at Muntpunt Library for this fascinating insight into truth and knowledge.

5:15 – 6:30 PM   FULL CIRCLE TeenTalk

Listen, chat and debate with Julian Baggini and other young people at this Full Circle TeenTalk.

Language: Talk & discussion in English
Location: MuntpuntPlace de la Monnaie 6, 1000 Bruxelles
Registration is compulsory

Tickets: €5   BOOK HERE


Julian Baggini is a British popular philosopher, and the author of several books about philosophy written for a general audience. He is co-founder and editor-in-chief of The Philosophers’ Magazine, and also writes and broadcasts for The Guardian and the BBC. He has written for numerous newspapers and magazines, as well as for the think tanks The Institute of Public Policy Research, Demos and Counterpoint.



  • A History of Truth: Consolations for a post-truth world (2017)
  • Freedom Regained: The Possibility of Free Will (2015)
  • The Ego Trick (2012)
  • Should You Judge This Book by Its Cover? (2009)
  • The Pig that Wants to be Eaten and 99 other thought experiments (2005)
  • What’s It All about? Philosophy and the meaning of life (2004)

Full Circle TeenTalks are an opportunity for young audiences (aged 14-18yrs) to interact – listen and talk – with inspiring and innovative thinkers and do-ers from around the world, on subjects relevant to you, in a relaxed context.