Dec 4


Disconnect to fully connect

5:15 pm - 6:30 pm

Texts, snapchats, instagrams, news feeds, smartphones, social media and the internet…

Nowadays, we are always fully connected to the outside world. But is this really good for us? Or even what we want all of the time?

Technology has invaded and taken over every bit of our lives – it speeds our lives up, complicates them, changes the way we think. We all love to be connected, but are we overloaded by it? Science network & social health expert Julia Hobsbawm is here to discuss how we can cope with our technology-driven lives.

Julia will be helping us to deal with overload more successfully and to find a healthy balance between being constantly connected and having time to ourselves.

Join us at Muntpunt Library for this fascinating insight into health and wellbeing in our day and age.

5:15 – 6:30 PM   FULL CIRCLE TeenTalk

Listen, chat and debate with Julia Hobsbawm and other teens at this Full Circle TeenTalk.

Language: Talk & discussion in English
Location: MuntpuntPlace de la Monnaie 6, 1000 Bruxelles
Registration is compulsory

Tickets: €5   BOOK HERE


Julia Hobwbawm is an expert on connectedness in modern working life and a prominent entrepreneur with expertise in science network and management of time and knowledge. She has emerged as a leading voice on the future of the workplace, Social Health and behavioural networks. She was made the world’s first Professor in Networking in 2011, and is Honorary Visiting Professor at Cass Business School and at the University of Suffolk. In 2005 Julia founded the pioneering knowledge networking business Editorial Intelligence. She was awarded the Order of the British Empire in the Queen’s Birthday Honours List in 2015. Specialising in modern day networking, she has developed a system teaching individuals, professionals and organisations how to build connections, develop ideas, and how to best handle the age of overload.



  • Fully Connected. Surviving and thriving in an age of overload (2017)
  • The See-Saw 100 Ideas for Work Life Balance (2009)

Full Circle TeenTalks are an opportunity for young audiences (aged 14-18yrs) to interact – listen and talk – with inspiring and innovative thinkers and do-ers from around the world, on subjects relevant to you, in a relaxed context.