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Jun 2

Jean-Marie Ghislain

Deep Fears & Beauty

6:30 pm - 9:00 pm

As a long time professional photographer, Jean-Marie Ghislain knows very well that the way you look at the world depends on your perspective. So one day, he finally decided to confront and overcame his fear of water by learning how to swim, and he did so in the company of… sharks! Jean-Marie has already embarked on a new project and he is currently snapping photos of his wife & new born baby diving with whales and dolphins across the Oceans.

Jean-Marie Ghislain is a Belgian photographer and the founder of Shark Revolution, a project dedicated to celebrating the majesty of the shark and challenge fears & stereotypes about it. Petite étoile is his next adventure.


L’enfant de l’océan (2015). Sharks, Fear & Beauty (2014).